The Selectionner is a boutique for women that appreciate feminine individuality, and are searching for apparel and Accessories that help them express their personal style.

We celebrate the human spirit, in clothing and accessories, that uplift our well-being and confidence. The boutique’s name, The Sélectionner is the French version of the word “curate” because Silverberg says, “I spent a lot of time thinking about the women in my life and what would make them happy and confident and really showcase their own personal style.

The Sélectionner will show people how trousers from 1970 can pair with a trendy silk cami and a chunky statement necklace and create a one of a kind look that you are comfortable and confident in.

Our Mission

When you walk out of the selectionner, you should be smiling.

From daily essentials to once in a lifetime events....

The way you feel in your clothes is just as important as the way you look in your clothes.

At the Sélectionner you will discover trendy yet timeless pieces, each thoughtfully curated to bring comfortable style your dynamic life.

Our Values

Honesty in fashion. You will not leave our boutique with something that doesn't look good on you.

Authenticity expressed through apparel and accessories. A belief that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful.

Friendship, Joy, and celebrating your ongoing evolution.

Life is a party; let's make the most of it.Humor is powerful & LAughter is contagious. You'll find that here too.